A Platform to Enable Self-Sovereignty.

Together we are creating a multi-faceted platform to support and empower startups aspiring to harness the potential of emerging technology while putting the planet and people first. The sun is rising on a new way forward.


What We Provide

Funding Platform

Funding for potentially hundreds of like-minded projects, with a primary focus on emering technology that puts the planet and people first.

Technological Platform

A technological platform that enables everyone to be self-sovereign from a digital perspective. This is a fundamental requirement.

Supplement technological sovereignty with a system that offers legal and financial independence through mechanisms like free zones and sovereign sustainable charter cities.

Life Supporting Platform

Create a sovereign and efficient set of platforms for financial, educational, and health systems, which can be utilized by all startups within the venture creator.


The Foundation of Every Venture

Planet First

Never do anything which does not respect mother earth.

People First

Equality for everyone.

Open Source

For all sectors from healthcare to software to legal to education.


Restore authenticity of people and information.


Complexity is killing progress.

Our Journey

Phase One


Creation of Core Tech

10+ years of development.

Built decentralized, autonomous, edge Internet technology.

50M USD invested by community and TF Tech investors.

Phase Two


Expansion & Proof

Signed with government of Zanzibar for digital free zone and connected charter city.

Eight projects with working tech, active and ready to scale.

Core technology proven.

Phase Three


Launch Our Ventures

Conclude on 30M USD fundraise.

Global awareness campaign.

Launch digital asset exchange, carbon credits.

Millions of people using services and products of our ventures.

Phase Four


Sovereignty For All

+1 million nodes deployed.

Impacting +100 million people.

The startups in the venture creator are now community-owned and our investors received a good exit.